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The curriculum has been designed in line with Rochford review recommendations, through support and collaboration with other high performing special schools and with significant input from the experienced and enthusiastic special needs practitioners based at the school.


At The Garth School, our curriculum is designed to meet the individual needs of our pupils.  It aims to provide motivating and relevant learning and development activities to maximise pupil engagement and support outstanding progress in all areas of learning.  Personalised provision allows teachers to plan in direct response to a pupil’s individual needs and interests and taking account of their barriers to learning. Through a combination of formal, semi-formal and informal curriculum model approaches, pupils are well prepared for each phase of their education and transition into meaningful, aspirational and independent adult life, well placed to make a positive contribution to life in modern Britain.


The topic based approach is intended to provide stimulating learning experiences and link concepts within an overarching theme. The curriculum is differentiated at three levels, formal, semi-formal and informal. Within our context, the semi and informal curricula are more heavily drawn upon. This meets the needs of our different cohorts of pupils, ensuring that they all have access to areas of learning which are suited to them. The same overall topic is studied by all three of the curriculum levels. This ensures that classes can take a mixture of approaches if necessary to support individualisation and accessibility. Varied and frequent use is made of the local and extended community.


The curriculum supports pupils to make outstanding progress in all areas of their learning, successfully moving on to a range of post 19 education and adult social care provision. Pupils leave with maximised communication, confidence, self-help and independent life and living skills. Useful accreditation and qualifications are achieved to enable our pupils to continue their learning journeys into adult life.


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EYFS and Key Stage One Framework

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Key Stage Three Curriculum Framework

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