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The Priory School is a Special School for children with a variety of special needs and, as such, has to cater for a very wide range of aptitudes and abilities. In order to do this we employ the full National Curriculum but modify our methods and approaches to cater for the needs of the individual, with an emphasis on literacy, numeracy and independence skills.
In Key Stage 3 pupil progress in English, Maths, Science, ICT and PSHE is tracked and monitored using a system called Performance Indicators for Value Added Target Setting (PIVATS).  This system produces graphs of each pupil's progress over time and is shared with parents at the Annual Review.
At the end of Key Stage 4 pupils' achievements are accredited through a variety of Entry Level and Functional Skills Awards, Work Experience and First Aid Certificates. In order to view more information on the Key Stage 4 Curriculum please click here.
In addition to the National Curriculum we also cover Religious Education, Personal/Social education, Citizenship, Health education (including sex education), Careers education/guidance (including work experience) and operate a comprehensive programme of leisure and outdoor pursuits.
The organisation of the school day allows for a balance between regular contact with each pupil's class teacher and specialist teaching.  Most Year 11 pupils are only in school for three days each week as they can spend one day on work experience and another day attending a link course at Boston College for further education.
In line with the school's equal opportunities policy, all pupils have equal access to all areas of the curriculum.

Please follow the link(s) provided below to view more information about the school curriculum.

National Curriculum please click here

Priory School Curriculum Subject overview

Curriculum Map Year 7

Curriculum Map Year 8

Curriculum Map Year 9

Curriculum Map Year 10

Curriculum Map Year 11


All pupils are expected to read each evening. Homework is set on a less regular basis as we feel that our pupils work very hard in school and the long journey times experienced by many pupils also have to be taken into account.  Key Stage 4 pupils may have more homework set, particularly if they are following a GCSE course.
We have produced a Handbook for Parents, which describes different ways in which you can help your child at home.

Introduction to Spanish powerpoint presentation giving an overview of the first lessons in Spanish