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All Policies have been ratified as appropriate by either The Local Governing Body or the C.I.T. Trust Board.

Please click on the links below for individual policies. If you can't find the policy you are looking for, please visit the C.I.T. Academies policies page:


Federation Policies

Accessibility Plan

Admissions Policy

Anti-Bullying Policy

Attendance Policy

Acceptable Use of ICT/Internet/eSafety

Bumps to Head Policy

Dealing with allegations of abuse against staff or other adults

Health and Safety Policy

Inclusion Policy

Intimate Care Policy

Lone Working Policy

Medical Policy

Race, Disability and Gender Equality Scheme

Safeguarding Policy  updated January 2018 

Special Educational Needs Policy

Team Teach Policy

Confidentiality Policy

Drug Related Incident Policy

International Policy

Lettings Policy

Mini Bus Policy

Powers to Search Policy and Guidance Policy

Traffic Managment Policy

Transporting Pupils Policy

Drugs Education Policy

Staff Policies

Staff Induction Policy

The Priory School

The Priory Principles

Aims, Values and Mission Statement

Priory School Improvement Plan 2017-2018

Priory SRE Policy

Priory PSHE and Citizenship Policy

Examination Policy

Internal Assessment Appeals Policy

Whole School Curriculum Policy

Priory Marking and Feedback Policy

Priory Assessment, Recording and Reporting Policy 2017

Priory Behaviour Policy

The Garth School

Whole School Curriculum Policy

Garth School Improvement Plan 2017-18

Garth Behaviour Management Policy

Garth SRE Policy

Aims and Values


School Rules

Autism Policy