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Pupil Attainment and Progression

It is fundamental to all that we do at The Priory School that our students make measurable year on year progress in key functional skills, the wider curriculum and their personal and social development.  Students follow a bespoke and enriching curriculum and are assessed using the PIVATS scales, a nationally recognised assessment system supported by Lancashire County Council.  In addition personal targets are set to support progress towards outcomes agreed within their EHC plans.

We set all of our students a minimum expectation of achieving the national average level of progress, based on age and prior attainment.  We derive these progress targets from the CASPA data set.  At the beginning of each academic year we also set a ‘stretch’ target for each student for each subject based on our judgement of an ambitious but achievable objective beyond average progress.

Our Key Stage 4 pupils progress towards a wide range of external accreditation of their achievements.  These range from pre entry, to Entry Level and on to GCSE and Level 2 equivalent outcomes.  Over the past few years all of our leavers have moved on to successful further education placements as a result of well-planned transition programmes

Headline data from 2017 - 2018 can be accessed via the links below:

Analysis of Pupil Progress Data 2016-2018

Analysis of Pupil Premium Pupil Progress Data 2016-2018

Analysis of Looked After Children Progress Data 2016-2018

Educational Outcomes for Priory School Learners 2017-2018


Please follow this link to find out how our school compares to similar schools nationally: