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Community Inclusive Trust

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The aims, values & mission statement


We strive to facilitate a welcoming, caring environment in which the educational and therapeutic needs of children with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) can be addressed effectively.

The whole curriculum at The Priory and Garth Schools will be broader than the National Curriculum and access to the curriculum driven by individual pupil needs.

We will treat each of our pupils with proper respect and ensure that their rights, needs, aspirations and personal preferences remain central to our schools organisation and they are empowered to benefit from a meaningful, contributing and rewarding adulthood.

We will work in partnership with other key players in the field of SEN and endeavour to keep abreast of national initiatives to ensure that the schools specialist facilities, staff expertise and other SEN related provisions are of the highest quality possible so all pupils may benefit from equality of opportunity, regardless of the degree of their personal disability.

We will strive towards recognition as a national centre of excellence and enable its pupils to benefit from a learning environment that is safe, relevant, inclusive and purposefully creative and enjoyable.


What we aim to achieve: 

To minimise the disabling effects of each pupil's individual SENs and disabilities by working in close partnership with other key players and by implementing effective strategies;

To enable each pupil to have meaningful and successful access to the whole curriculum (of which the National Curriculum is a part) and to monitor their progress within it;

To ensure that every pupil is provided with the right education and support to maximise their potential;

To promote the social inclusion of all pupils and prepare them for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life as pertinent to the circumstances of children and young adults with SEN and disabilities and help them gain access to continuing, lifelong learning;

To ensure that the organisation of the school will enable good standards of SEN provision and accessibility by disabled pupils;

To develop as a centre of excellence in the education, care and therapeutic treatment of children and young adults with SEN and disabilities.


All adults working across our schools are firmly committed to this philosophy, which is expressed through a programme of continuous curriculum review and development aimed at maintaining high standards of teaching and learning and within an environment that positively promotes and expects mutual respect.