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Online Safety

The Garth and Priory Schools (Spalding Special Schools Federation/CIT) are keenly aware of the potential dangers to our students when they access the internet.  SSSF/CIT ensure that there are safeguards in place to restrict or prevent access (internet filtering) to websites which may be harmful or unsuitable.

Your Digital Footprint

Students receive regular updates, information and reminders about keeping safe during assemblies and especially in IT lessons, for example:

•E-Safety Impact Assessment for pupils
•Displays and posters  around school including CEOP posters designed by pupils
•Online safety buddies – wear badges, help organise internet safer day, plan competitions
•Have a contract and book to tell them what to do
•E-safety PSD work in year 10 options group
•Byte program
•Competitions - phone cover, wallet template, posters
•Activities for Internet Safer day and antibullying weeks
•Intervention work with pupils most at risk eg. high computer skills / low understanding on e-safety

Resources and information for Parents / Carers

The National Online Safety  and the NSPCC websites, amongst others, offer information and resources for parents/carers.  National Online Safety Guides for Parents
Letter from Mrs Moore, Head of Garth School, about the MOMO challenge ('What Parents Need to Know'))
Letter from Mr Taylor, Head of Priory School, sharing his concerns about students accessing the internet at home.
 Winners of the Priory School phone covers competition
The winning wallet card
Winner of the wallet card competition